Welcome to the website of Design Informatics and Computational Intelligence lab. DICE lab was founded and directed by Dr. Ramana Pidaparti under College of Engineering at University of Georgia.

We at DICE lab work on projects related to quantitative analysis through lung models, computational simulations and imaging data correlating to inflammation, disease and aging. A multi-scale model for cellular inflammation was developed for compliant lung geometry under mechanical ventilation by investigating respiratory mechanics at the organ, tissue and cellular levels. Currently we are working on developing informatics tools including cluster analysis, image analysis, computational simulations, artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum graph models, and variants and applications of particle swarm optimization.

Our research also focusses on developing novel machine learning algorithms in predicting mechanical ventilation parameter settings for Canines and Felines,in assisting the doctors for a given patient condition. Modeling and Simulation of Traumatic Brain Injury from MRI images, risk analysis, and risk prediction is another ongoing research in the lab. We are also developing novel swarm intelligence based algorithms applied in optimization and self-assembly.

Around 10 researchers are actively involved in these areas of research.